Zoning & Planning

Through our combined prior experiences, as board members on the Zoning Board, Planning Board, Board of Architectural Review and Harbor/Coastal Zone Management, we have the experience and know how to help you navigate the process. Our familiarity with applications, personnel and procedures of the local boards in Mamaroneck and Westchester County offers our clients the best legal services possible. Our services can be as detailed as lining up “your team of experts”, or as simple as compiling a complete ready to submit application. Our services will fit your budget.

  • VIOLATIONS: perhaps your home or business is not in compliance with the local laws. We can represent you in court for the violation, and then work with the proper board in order to legalize your situation.
  • VARIANCES: perhaps you wish to put an addition on your home, or perhaps the work has already been done but does not meet the Village Code. We can petition the Board of Appeals to help you legalize and correct your situation.
  • SPECIAL PERMITS: If your business is a permitted use in a specific zone, you may still need a special permit. This entails appearing before the zoning and sometimes the planning board with plans, surveys, blueprints, photographs, etc. We can help you with the process.
  • SITE PLANS: If you are subdividing property, or have multiple sites, you may need to prepare a site plan and appear before Zoning and/or Planning Boards.
  • ARTICLE 78 and APPEALS: If you were denied a variance, or a special permit, we have the ability to bring a timely appeal for our clients. Or, you may wish to bring an appeal if your property is impacted by the granting of a variance for a neighboring property.


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